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Countertops Kitchen Marbella DRH

QUARTZ: Composed of quartz and resins, are the latest generation countertops, of great hardness and resistance for the base of its composition (quartz). We work with different brands (Silestone by Consentino, Compac and Quarella) in which it is easy to find the desired tone according to the furniture. Within this type of worktop we find the Eco-by Consentino range composed of recycled materials.

GRANITE: It is one of the strongest rocks in nature in which quartz is among its natural components. These countertops are treated with oil-water repellent that protects them from food stains. Each granite countertop is unique and unrepeatable. We can choose between national granites (traditional and cheaper models) and import ones with more avant-garde finishes. GRANITOS NATURAMIA, SENSA BY CONSENTINO.

WOOD: Inside agglomerate with top plated presenting different endings and colors. It is the most economical option, although the least resistant to impact and humidity due to the material that composes it.

CRYSTALL: It is the novelty in the market. It is composed of 12mm tempered glass with special paint. Due to its manufacturing process called Thermal Tempering, it acquires a high resistance to shock and heat, in addition to its non-stick treatment. There are more than 100 colors to choose from. (ENCIMERAS SOLAHOUSE).

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